Executive Coaching

Leadership Solutions Global offers short and long term executive coaching services.

Executive Coaching (short term)

A series of up to 6 sessions for specific purposes such as debriefing 360 feedback, development planning and/or targeted coaching. These sessions are normally to address short term needs or kick start a new developmental direction.

Sessions are hourly and at client premises or via skype or telephone and involve minimal between session contact. This service includes initial client briefing, one on one contact and preparation, and as required three way conversations between the coach, coachee and sponsor. Contact John Wood about the hourly rate.

Executive Coaching (long term)

A confidential, customized and specialist service offered to executives requiring a longer term relationship to address development or performance enhancement needs such as leadership and interpersonal style, personal relationships, board and/or politically elected member relations, staff relations, culture building, learning and self awareness, personal growth and work life balance, mindfulness and leadership, work life balance and transformational change.

Services include:

  • Briefing
  • Assessment of motivation for change and coaching
  • Optional 360-degree survey or StAGES assessment
  • Three way meeting with coach, coachee and sponsor to agree development goals and roles
  • Design of a self-observation exercise, metaphor for change and development goals
  • Coaching in person, via skype or phone over 6-8 months or as agreed
  • Between session contact and on line journaling
  • Access to Leadership Solutions Global articles, exercises and development tools
  • Closing three way meetings and others as required

Contact John Wood about the full rate.