Business Partners

Leadership Solutions Global business partners Dr John Wood and Amanda Pulford have formed several important collaborative relationships to deliver innovative local, national and international programs.

Awaken Psychology, partner with Leadership Solutions Global

Awaken Psychology Director Amanda Pulford provides psychological services for trauma based conditions, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and relationship issues. She is also a co-facilitator on The Mindful Leader Program.

Human Capital International HCI, partner with Leadership Solutions Global

Think HCI is a key Australia and Asia based partner with whom we have formed a strong collaboration to facilitate significant culture change and leadership development programs. This includes applying the Strategic Cultural Evolution (SCE) Model.

Pacific Integral, partner with Leadership Solutions Global

Pacific Integral has developed a deep change program (Generating Transformative Change or GTC) using integral theory and research including Dr Terri O’Fallon’s innovative StAGES assessment. Dr Wood is a faculty member co-facilitating the South Pacific yearly program. Refer to the annual dates and more information.


Mindful Movement Physiotherapy Director, Georgie Davidson is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, yoga teacher and facilitator of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and offers a unique approach for your body and mind.  A sensory experience of wholeness!  For 25 years she has been teaching movement, with her personal practice guiding her to explore creative ways to blend a contemporary knowledge of human movement with yoga and mindfulness to help people flourish in their lives. Georgie leads sessions within the Mindful Leader Program.