The Mindful Leader
3 Day Program

What is Mindfulness?

“The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD., the Director of the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts

Mindful Leadership is an approach that creates a high level of self-awareness that allows you to reduce distraction and achieve peak performance with a values based sense of meaning and fulfilment.

Why this program?

We focus on helping leaders apply mindfulness to leadership performance and well being. There are 4 pillars of the program, which we have designed to ensure leaders are able to practically implement mindful techniques to their daily lives as a leader – attention, intention, perspective and being – and they all rely on being in the present moment.

Present moment? But I have to think about the future!

All future thinking is done in the present moment! The question is – are you fully present in conversations related to the future? If you are fully present you are not distracted, caught up in unresolved issues from the last meeting, worried about issues that may or may not happen. It means that you have a calmer mind and that you are fully attending to the requirements of the moment.

This also means you are not caught up in the wasteful loop of circular thinking. Your mind is serving you, rather than you allowing your mind to take you over. What is the cost to you and others of not being fully present? We will inquire into the nature of the reactive mind and learn techniques to be more focussed and present.

But I’ve heard mindfulness is for relaxation. I work in a high-pressure environment … I need to be on-the-go!

This is true of most leaders. Mindfulness will allow you to be more aware, more present and more relaxed whilst still achieving to a high level. The program addresses a range of skills and processes that will help you understand how mindfulness can assist with developing a more meaningful and insightful approach to leadership and at the same time increase your performance. All of the mindfulness practices we address in the program can be applied to your daily life as a leader.

We will take the opportunity to undertake more extended mindfulness practices that take 10, 20, or 30 minutes. However, our emphasis is on ‘in-the-moment’ mindfulness practices while you’re working, while you’re talking, while you’re in a meeting. All of these practices will help you be more aware and present even when you are in a high-pressure environment.

How many people attend each workshop?

No more than 20

Who attends The Mindful Leader Program?

In general, those who attend are leaders interested in enhancing their self-awareness and turning that into a new way of being or action. Most of our participants are senior managers and executives, as well as some HR practitioners and consultants.

Where is it held?

The program is held at The Monastery Conference and Retreat Centre (15 Cross Road, Glen Osmond South Australia) and the Abbotsford Convent Convention Centre (Victoria).

A monastery? Is this a religious program?

No, but you are not the first person to ask! We hold The Mindful Leader Program at sites offering beautiful grounds for reflective thinking, natural light and delicious meals.

While many of the original practices of mindfulness and meditation come from Eastern traditions, all of the practices adopted in this program are grounded in scientific theories and research.

OK, so it’s not religious… But why should I do something like mindfulness?

Mindfulness practices have been shown to have significant benefits for health and well-being, personal development and performance.

How else can being more mindful help me become a better leader?

Have you considered whether you could be a more effective leader if you were able to master ineffective mental activity and use your energy to fully harness your purpose, values and potential?

How often are you fully present at work rather than being distracted by unnecessary self-talk, judgemental thinking and fears?
The techniques of mindfulness have been used extensively in Western science for over 35 years to improve well-being and performance in areas such as health, stress management, personal growth and elite sport.

The Mindful Leader Program focuses on the only instrument of leadership you have – YOU. Deepening your understanding of ‘YOU’, will deepen your understanding of your relationship to those you lead. This in turn, strengthens your capacity as a leader.

What is The Mindful Leader Program?

The Mindful Leader Program is designed to enhance the capacity for self-awareness, insight and performance, by adopting mindfulness techniques such as:

  1. Identifying purpose, values and strengths and letting go of psychological patterns that inhibit performance
  2. Understanding values and their motives, and using them as the basis for leadership action
  3. Being fully present in the moment
  4. Being accepting of self, others and circumstances as a process of learning rather than responding to emotional patterns
  5. Responding clearly, purposefully and effectively
  6. Committing to personal development goals and taking effective action
  7. Developing wise insight into the mind and leadership
  8. Maintaining ongoing self awareness and presence.

What is the structure and cost of The Mindful Leader Program?

The Mindful Leader Program is offered annually as a public program in South Australia and Victoria and can be adapted to existing in-house leadership development programs that have an emphasis on personal development and self awareness, 360 feedback and coaching.

The Mindful Leader Program (3 Day Public Program)

Day 1
  1. Introduction to Mindful Leadership
  2. The Nature of Mind
  3. Mindful Communication and Dialogue
  4. Mindful Practices of Letting Go and Being Present
  5. Mindfulness and Leadership Success – The One Big Thing (based on Kegan’s Immunity to Change Process).
Day 2
  • Mindful Practice
  • The Values Development Experience
  • Mindfulness and the Deployment of Strengths
  • Mindfulness and Leadership Purpose
  • Mindful Movement and Relaxation.
Day 3
  • Mindfulness, Shadow Work and Leadership – A Deeper Look at Success
  • Mindful Movement and Relaxation
  • Self Compassion and Leadership
  • The Nature of Mind – Group Learning
  • Mindful Awareness and a New Way of Being.

The 3-day program is designed to be a collective learning experience. Each day includes a variety of mindful practices to apply at work, a combination of personal reflective work and interactive learning. The program commences at 9am each day and concludes at 5pm, except day 3 when we close at 4pm.

The program is facilitated by Dr John Wood (PhD. in leadership, mindfulness practitioner and psychologist) and Amanda Pulford (psychologist and therapist) with assistance from Georgie Davidson (qualified physiotherapist, yoga teacher and mindfulness based stress reduction practitioner). Please feel free to call Dr John Wood to discuss program content.

The public program also offers the following options:

  • Option 1 Attendance at the public program $2700+GST (SA) including program, materials, morning and afternoon tea and lunch
  • Option 2 Attendance at the public program plus 4 coaching sessions $4300+GST
  • Option 3 Attendance at the public program, 4 coaching sessions and a pre assessment (either The Leadership Circle 360 feedback or StAGES) with feedback $5700+GST.

How has the program been developed?

The Mindful Leader Program (previously The Mindful Leadership Program) is based on Dr John Wood’s research into the qualities of successful leaders and how they develop and his 30 years experience in the corporate environment. The program—running continuously since 2009—is informed by transformational change techniques from proven approaches, including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Integral Theory, Voice Dialogue, Insight Dialogue and Shadow Work.

How do I sign up?

For further information, or to discuss a program, please contact:

John Wood
Mobile: 0419 843 488