Mindful Leader Programs

What is The Mindful Leader Program?

The Mindful Leader Program (previously The Mindful Leadership Program) is a public program designed for senior leaders to enhance their performance and well being using mindful and self awareness techniques. The three day program (with options for coaching and leadership assessment) provides techniques for investigating and developing attention, intention, perspective taking and new ways of being.

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Workshop Outline

The Mindful Leader Program (3 Day Public Program)

Day 1

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Leadership
  • The Nature of Mind
  • Mindful Communication and Dialogue
  • Stages of Awareness and Levels of Development
  • Mindful Practices of Letting Go and Being Present
  • Mindfulness and Leadership Success – The One Big Thing

Day 2

  • Mindful Practice
  • The Values Development Experience
  • Mindfulness and the Deployment of Strengths
  • Mindfulness and Leadership Purpose
  • Mindful Movement and Relaxation

Day 3

  • Mindfulness, Shadow Work and Leadership – a deeper look at leadership
  • Mindful Movement and Relaxation
  • Self Compassion and Leadership
  • The Nature of Mind – Group Learning
  • Mindful Awareness and a New Way of Being

The public program also offers the following options:

Option 1
Attendance at the public program $2700+GST including program, materials, morning and afternoon tea and lunch

Option 2
Attendance at the public program plus 4 coaching sessions an additional $1600+GST

Option 3
Attendance at the public program, 4 coaching sessions and a pre assessment (either The Leadership Circle 360 feedback or StAGES) with feedback an additional $3000+GST

The 3-day program is designed to be a collective learning experience. Each day includes a variety of mindful practices to apply at work, a combination of personal reflective work and interactive learning. The program commences at 9am and concludes at 5pm except day 3 which closes at 4pm.

The Mindful Leader Program is facilitated by Dr John Wood (PhD in leadership, mindfulness practitioner and psychologist) and Amanda Pulford (psychologist and therapist) with assistance from Georgie Davidson (qualified physiotherapist, yoga teacher and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction practitioner).

Workshop Times

Wednesday          8.30 am : Registration          5.00 pm : Finish
Thursday              9.00 am : Start                      5.00 pm : Finish
Friday                   9.00 am : Start                      4.00 pm : Finish

Workshop Bookings

For all bookings please send an email confirming names and contact details of those attending to john@leadershipsolutions.com.au. For any further inquiries, please call John Wood on 0419 843 488.

Who Should Attend?

This innovative 3 day program is designed for senior and aspiring leaders to enhance performance and well being by:

  • Using mindfulness and self awareness practices
  • Harnessing key strengths, values and motives for success
  • Disengaging from thoughts and behaviours that limit success
  • Discovering hidden aspects of self that impact interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding perspective taking and how it impacts success
  • Increasing present moment awareness by developing attention, intention, perspective taking and new ways of being

Additional Workshop Options

This program can be facilitated in house and adapted to accommodate existing leadership development programs. Elements of this program have been a feature of leadership development activities for clients including CSIRO, SA Water, SA Power Networks, NAB, Westpac, The Governor’s Leadership Program (SA), Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Australian Unity, Can Do for Kids, The Catholic Education Office (SA), Tasmanian Ports Authority and The Leadership Institute of SA.

Venue Information

The workshop is conducted at The Monastery Conference Centre (www.monasteryfunctioncentre.com.au). The venue is set in a beautiful garden, offering a peaceful and professional setting close to the city.

How do I sign up?

For further information, or to discuss a program, please contact:

John Wood
Mobile: 0419 843 488

Best Aspects Of The Program 

See what some of our past participants have had to say about the Program …

  • Taking me through the relevant steps to realise for myself what I can and can’t control, and what I need to do in order to change.
  • Time for mindfulness and self time. Discovery of purpose.
  • The ‘rawness’ and depth of the enquiry. The variety in the syllabus. The opportunity to spend time in the garden.
  • Insights in the development attitude, the PRO method, excellent presenters and very relevant content.
  • How all the processors taught over 3 days integrated and showed how they all inter-relate. All activities laid the foundation.
  • Peaceful, serine setting. It took us through our deepest fears and made us face them in a supportive environment.
  • Powerful activities supported by theory delivered in an engaging and accessible way.
  • Good group, people were happy to share, I think they / we achieved the goal of being a learning community.
  • I really enjoyed all aspects of the program! John and Amanda, you are a wonderful team in the facilitation of this course.
  • Incredibly insightful and thank you for taking me on this journey.
  • John & Amanda: generous, available, knowledgeable, present, compassionate and mindful. Thank you. Heart felt!
  • Amazing facilitators – John & Amanda were brilliant in developing introspective development in an intense, vulnerable and ultimately powerful program.
  • John & Amanda created a safe environments and “moved” every single member of the group to a better place.
  • Venue is fundamental part of the success of the program.