Leadership Solutions Global: The heart and mind of transformation

Leadership Solutions’ vision is to enhance the self awareness and consciousness of leaders so that they are better able to perform and serve the needs of their business communities. We assist senior leaders by offering executive coaching, leadership development, culture change and mindful leadership.

Founded by Dr John Wood in 1995, Leadership Solutions has enjoyed success by focusing on the leader as a person: their growth is the antecedent to personal and business success. We use innovative assessment tools, leading edge interventions and facilitation practices and a focus on capabilities, mindful awareness and perspective taking.

Our consultancy is a client based collaborative partnership, meaning we work with clients to inquire into their needs and co-design unique interventions for success.

The principles that inform our development practices are:

  • Creating awareness and vision as the basis for transformation
  • Engaging in relationships based on collaboration and speaking the truth
  • Seeing the possibilities and potential in self, others and circumstances
  • Understanding how we are active collaborators in creating ‘reality’
  • Enhancing performance through perspective taking and mindful awareness.

The Mindful Leader Program

The Mindful Leader Program can be run internally.